A grassroots group of people from Bolton, Massachusetts, whose mission is to build a strong, self-reliant community 
made up of people committed to living sustainably on the planet, in a way that inspires, builds friendships,
offers a hopeful vision for the future.


Bolton Local and the Bolton DPW are co-sponsoring a free recycling event at the Bolton Transfer Station on Saturday, June 24th from 10-3 where we will be collecting Styrofoam and crayons.

For Styrofoam, we will accept clean, dry, white, #6, pre-formed packing and coolers. This type of Styrofoam "snaps" when folded and is often used for electronics, toys, and small appliance packaging. We will also accept dry, white, CLEAN, food containers. New for this event, we will accept packaging marked #4 LDPE, "squishy" Styrofoam. Please keep the two types separate to help our workers at the event. Unfortunately, we cannot accept packing peanuts or colored Styrofoam.

The Crazy Crayons crayon recycle program takes unwanted, rejected, broken crayons to a better place where they will be recycled into new crayons! You don’t have to do anything to the crayons! You can leave the wrappers on the crayons, but we will accept all crayons for recycling, with or without wrappers. For more information about this program, please go to the website www.crazycrayons.com.

WE DID IT! BOLTON is a Green Community!

Nice Green!

Learn more at Mass Green Communites


The Bolton Community Garden has a few plots available starting in April 2017. The garden consists of twenty 15 X 22 foot plots, and is located off of Route 117 just east of the center of town. The Bolton Community Garden was started in 2009 with a mission to provide a place for people to grow fresh produce, to promote a community gathering place, to provide education on sustainable farming, to increase general food security, and to widen ecological awareness and protection of our natural resources. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or novice, you’d  have the opportunity to learn from others  as well as swap ideas, seedlings, seeds and produce if you wish. All Bolton residents and employees welcome. For more information on the garden location and guidelines, go to the Community Garden page or call Dave on Sundays at 978-779-5422. You can also email the garden at info@BoltonLocal.org.

Bolton Town Common Yard Sale Saturday, June 24 from 9 - 3

“Pouring rain” date is Sunday, June 25.

More than 20 tables of treasures, all in one place,
from local families and organizations! Shop for
toys & games, garden decor, household items, name-brand clothes, sports equipment, wall art, collectibles, furniture, more.

Additional parking can be found at the Trinity Church on Wattaquadock Hill Rd.

Organic Lawn Care Presentation

Save water, money and time. Plus have a healthier lawn for you, your family, your pets and the neighborhood.

Powerpoint presentation attached below

Presenter Jan Johnson, a teacher and organic landscaper, explained:

  • How to save money, water and time and have a healthier lawn by going organic
  • How high nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides deplete the soil and create fertilizer addiction•
  • The two meanings of the term "organic", and how not to be fooled by use of the term

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