A grassroots group of people from Bolton, Massachusetts, whose mission is to build a strong, self-reliant community 
made up of people committed to living sustainably on the planet, in a way that inspires, builds friendships,
offers a hopeful vision for the future.

Thank you Bolton for voting to pass articles 24 & 29 at Town Meeting as it gets us 2 steps closer to meeting the criteria to become Designated a Green Community and earning Bolton some serious Green!  Anyone interested in helping participate in the creation of Bolton's 5 Year Energy Reduction Plan can email info@boltonlocal.org and we'll include you in the process! We are hoping that several passionate townspeople will actively participate in this process! Stay tuned!


Solarize Mass Bolton Extended through November!

Good News! Because of recent strong interest from Bolton, Mass Clean Energy Center has extended the final deadline for signing all Solar PV contracts to Nov 30. That will allow more Bolton residents or small businesses to beat the deadline and join those already benefiting from the 20% Solarize Mass Bolton discount.

Solarize Bolton  WEB-SITE

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