A grassroots group of people from Bolton, Massachusetts, whose mission is to build a strong, self-reliant community 
made up of people committed to living sustainably on the planet, in a way that inspires, builds friendships,
and offers a hopeful vision for the future.

Next event is Saturday, October 17, 2015

The October Repair Cafe is dedicated to our friend, John Balco, who passed away this summer.  Here is a photo of Rona and John volunteering at our first Repair Cafe.


The Bolton Phone book is maintained and created by a very small group of volunteers.  We do our best to get it right, but we are not perfect.  Please send any changes for the next book to info@BoltonLocal.org.  If you would like to help with the phone book next time, please let us know.  

Did you know that Bolton has a community garden? 

If you would like to learn more about the garden check out the information on our Community Garden page.  It is not too early to get on the list for a plot for next year.  Come see the garden now to see what is growing!

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