A grassroots group of people from Bolton, Massachusetts, whose mission is to build a strong, self-reliant community 
made up of people committed to living sustainably on the planet, in a way that inspires, builds friendships,
offers a hopeful vision for the future.

Planning Meetings for 2017

Please join us in the Houghton Building at 626 Main St for one of
our planning meetings from 9am -11:
September 9,
October 14 and November  11

Bolton-Harvard Preliminary HeatSmart Interest Survey

Some of the volunteers from the very successful Solarize Bolton team are working with our neighbors in Harvard to put together a purchasing-program for cleaner heating options through HeartSmart Mass - a new MassCEC/DOER program that is similar to Solarize Mass.  Learn More.

We need to know the level of interest, so please click on the link below to  take our quick no-obligation survey at Survey Monkey.


Recycle Your Reusables

Mark Your Calendar

October 21, 2017!

It’s not too early to start planning for next year. The 9th annual Recycle Your Reusables is tentatively scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 21 2017. We hope to add some new items for you to bring. For questions or to volunteer, contact ayerrecycles@gmail.com.

Link to their web-site for a complete list.

Complete List of Items You May Bring (updated Aug 18, 2017)

• Air conditioners. If usable, no fee, must be less than 9 years old. If being recycled, $5 fee.
• Air freshener cartridges/plugs, packaging, trigger heads
• Alkaline batteries: see batteries
• Animal feed bags, plastic
• Appliances of all sizes. If usable, no fee, must be less than 10 years old. If being recycled, $5 fee
• Arts and crafts supplies
• Automotive batteries
• Baby/pet gates
• Baby gear/furniture (high chairs, disposable diapers [open packages OK], changing tables, beds, bassinets, car seats purchased after 2012, Pack’n’Play, booster seats)
• Back packs
• Bakeware
• Bathroom vanities
• Bathtubs and enclosures
• Batteries (intact, non-leaking): alkaline (AAA-AA-C-D-9V, etc); button cell; lead-acid from cars, motorcycles, boats, lawn & garden, alarm-phone systems; lithium (including Coin, Photo, Petsafe, Garage/Auto Keyless Entry); rechargeable (including NiCad, NiMH, Lithium-Ion, laptops, UPSs, smaller lead-acids)
• Bed rails
• Belts, hats, scarves, ties (clean and dry, don’t have to be usable)• Bicycles (rideable, gently used), tools, bike tires, bike racks and accessories
• Boat covers, plastic
• Book cases
• Books, print or CD (no encyclopedias)
• Brita filters, accessories and packaging
• Bubble wrap (please pop first)
• Bulletin boards
• Bureaus
• Button cell batteries: see Batteries
• Cabinets
• Carpeting (no larger than 8x10) and carpet tiles
• Cassette tapes ($10 per box)
• Cat carriers and cat trees in reusable condition, odor-free
• CDs, reusable
• CDs for shredding (no jewel cases). NOTE: Vendor will be onsite from 11-2 only.
• Ceiling fans
• Cell phones
• Cereal and cracker bags
• Cloth tote bags
• Clothing (clean and dry, doesn’t have to be wearable). Put items in bags.
• Computers and other electronics
• Contact lenses (single use) and blister packs
• Cookware
• Countertops
• Crayons
• Cribs and mattresses
• CRT monitors: $5 fee
• CRT televisions, see televisions
• Curtains and draperies (clean and dry. Don’t have to be usable). Put items in bags.
• Dehumidifiers, working. See eligibility info.
• Dental floss containers, empty
• Dining tables and chairs
• Dishes, sets only• Dog equipment: tennis balls, toys, blankets
• Doors (no sliding glass doors)
• Dry erase markers at end of life
• Drywall, 2’x8′, 4’x’4′, 4’x8′
• Duffle bags (Clean and dry, don’t have to be usable). Put in bags.
• DVD players
• DVDs, reusable
• DVDs for shredding (no jewel cases). NOTE: Vendor onsite 11am-2pm only.
• Electrical construction supplies
• Electronics
• End tables
• Energy bar wrappers (foil-lined only)
• Entenmann’s Little Bites plastic pouches
• Extension cords, outdoor/heavy-duty
• Eyeglasses
• Febreze aerosol containers (empty), Febreze ONE sprayers and refills
• Filing cabinets
• Fire extinguishers of all classes, including those filled with soda acid or carbon dioxide. Metal or plastic
heads OK. Can be empty or still pressurized.
• Flat screen televisions, see televisions
• Flooring
• Floppy disks for shredding
• Foil-lined energy/granola bar wrappers
• Folding tables
• Freezers. if usable, no fee, must be less than 9 years old. If being recycled, $5 fee.
• Furniture (clean, no rips, tears or stains, no sleeper sofas or futons)
• Gloves (Clean and dry, don’t have to be usable)
• Granola bar wrappers (foil-lined only)
• Hardware (locks, knobs, hinges)
• Hearing aids
• High chairs
• Highlighters at the end of their life
• Holiday lights (LEDs only)
• Household items (area rugs, mirrors, fans, ironing boards, shower curtain liners, dustpan & brooms)
• Jewel cases (plastic cases holding DVDs and CDs)
• Keys and locks
• Kitchenware
• Lamps
• Lawn mowers, $10 fee. Oil and gas must be drained.
• Lead acid batteries: see Batteries
• Leather hats and belts
• Linens (sheets, towels, blankets, table linens, comforters. Clean and dry, don’t have to be usable). Put in
• Lithium batteries: see Batteries
• LIVESTRONG wristbands
• Lumber and plywood
• Markers at the end of their life
• Mattress/box springs/bed frame/headboard/footboard sets (queen or smaller). No futons. If being
recycled, $10 per mattress.
• Medical equipment: power/manual wheelchairs, scooters, sling lifts, portable ramps, tub/shower chairs,
rollator walkers, adapted strollers, standers, gait trainers and specialty cushions/mattresses.
Items should be no older than 5-6 years, in good condition or easily repaired.
• Motorcycle batteries
• Nightstands
• Oral care products: toothpaste tubes (empty) and caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush
outer packaging, and floss containers (empty)
• Outdoor furniture and play sets, plastic only
• Paint (full, unopened cans of the same color): interior/2 gallons minimum, exterior/5 gallons minimum.
Only white, neutral and pastels.
• Pallets, wood
• Paper (for shredding). NOTE: Vendor onsite from 11am-2pm only.
• Plastic bags I (for groceries, newspapers, wood pellets, bird seed, potting soil, frozen foods, salad fixings,
etc. No compostable or biodegradable bags)
• Plastic bags II (translucent, that hold crackers, cereal, etc). Please keep separate from bags I.
• Plastic boat covers
• Plastic buckets, 5-gallon
• Plastic milk crates
• Plastic outdoor furniture
• Plastic pool liners
• Plastic six-pack and multipack rings (cut up or intact)
• Plastic tarps
• Plastic trash containers
• Plumbing equipment
• Pool liners, plastic
• Porcelain kitchen and bath fixtures, unusable
• Projection televisions, see televisions
• Propane tanks (empty) $5
• Purses (Clean and dry, don’t have to be usable)
• Ramps, portable (for medical use)
• Rechargeable batteries: see Batteries
• Refrigerators. if usable, no fee, must be less than 9 years old. If being recycled, $5 fee.
• Ride-on toys (rideable, gently used)
• Rollator walkers
• Roofing materials
• Scooters (for medical use)
• Scooters (rideable, gently used)
• Scrap metal
• Shelves
• Shoes (Put items in bags.)
• Shutters
• Sinks, porcelain
• Six-pack and multipack plastic rings (cut up or intact)
• Sling lifts (for medical use)
• Snow blowers, $10 fee. Oil and gas must be drained.
• Socks, tights, pantyhose. Put items in bags.
• Sporting goods, must be in reusable condition.
• Standers and gait trainers
• Strollers, adapted
• Stuffed animals
• Styrofoam, including #6 coolers, packing blocks, coffee cups, food trays, takeout containers, nonbiodegradable
packing peanuts. Items must be absolutely clean, dry and bagged.
• Sunglasses, prescription
• Tarps, plastic
• Televisions. if usable, no fee, must be flat-screens, less than 9 years old. If being recycled:
o up to 27 inches, $30 fee
o over 27 inches, $45 fee.
• Thermometers and thermostats
• Throw rugs (clean and dry, don’t have to be usable). Put items in bags.
• Tile, ceramic and vinyl
• Tires (auto, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, on or off the rim)
• Toilets, low-flow
• Tools
• Toothbrushes, toothpaste and packaging
• Toys
• Tricycles (rideable, gently used)
• Tub/shower chairs
• Tyvek envelopes
• Upholstered furniture (sofas, loveseats, chairs). Must be reusable.
• VHS tapes ($10 per box)
• Wagons (children’s, rideable, gently used)
• Wheelchairs (manual and power) and parts, such as foot rests and leg rests
• Windows
• Wine corks
• Wood pellet bags
• Wood scrap including Trex (no pressure-treated, creosote or railroad ties)
• Yarn

WE DID IT! BOLTON is a Green Community!

Nice Green!

Learn more at Mass Green Communites

Repair Café
Next Repair Cafe is
January 20 from  9am - 1pm
The Florence Sawyer School Cafeteria ~100 Mechanic St., Bolton, MA


Organic Lawn Care Presentation

Save water, money and time. Plus have a healthier lawn for you, your family, your pets and the neighborhood.

Powerpoint presentation attached below

Presenter Jan Johnson, a teacher and organic landscaper, explained:

  • How to save money, water and time and have a healthier lawn by going organic
  • How high nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides deplete the soil and create fertilizer addiction•
  • The two meanings of the term "organic", and how not to be fooled by use of the term

Bolton Local

Lynn Dischler,
May 15, 2017, 5:28 AM