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Styrofoam Recycling -
June 9, 2018 from 10-3

Bolton Local and the Bolton DPW are co-sponsoring a free Styrofoam recycling event at the Bolton Transfer Station on June 9th from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

We will be accepting:

  • Clean, dry, white #6 pre-formed packaging and coolers. This type of Styrofoam "snaps" when folded and is often used for electronics, toys and small appliance packaging. 
  • CLEAN, dry, white food containers. 
  • #4 LDPE, "squishy" Styrofoam
Please keep these three (3) types of Styrofoam separate to help our workers at this event


The cheaper, cleaner alternative to heating and cooling your home!

Questions? Want to get involved?
Contact info@boltonharvardheatsmart.org for more information or
go to
HeatSmart web-site

Organic Gardening at
Gaining Ground

 Many gardeners and farmers enjoyed and learned a lot from Doug Wolcik's presentation on organic gardening/farming at

 in Concord,  MA.  See the slide show below for more information and great photos.

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