Bolton Local Accomplishments - 2009

Bolton Local Accomplishments 2009


v      We presented a series of educational programs that included movies like:

  • Power of Community (How Cuba survived peak oil, after the Soviet Union shut off their oil supply)
  • The Real Dirt on Farmer John (How a baby-boomer turned the failing family farm into a going enterprise and helped build community in the process)
  • Future of Food (How corporations like Monsanto are tainting the food supply with untested genetically modified crops)
  • Radically Simple (How we can live simpler lives)


We held post-film discussions to brainstorm actions we could take in light of some of the issues raised in the films.


The program included lectures:

·         Organic gardening

·         Seed-saving

·         Use of herbs in medicine and cooking

·         Emergency preparedness

·         Solar water heating

·         Home weatherization

·         Nutrition and the challenges presented by our industrial food supply


v      We created a vibrant website to communicate who we are and what we’re up to.


v      Worked with Mary Boyd to coordinate Bolton’s first “Green-up/Cleanup Festival” at the Nashoba Valley Winery in celebration of Earth Day. The event featured “green” vendors, music, demonstrations by Bolton 4-Hers, food offered by J’s Restaurant, and information on the week-long townwide cleanup planned for the following week.


v      Started a successful Community Garden.


v      Formed an energy subgroup that organized local activities for


v      Formalized our structure. Elected officers; established a bank account.


v      Hosted two community potluck dinners. One included a presentation on the Mass Local Food Co-op; the other included a presentation by founders of two other area “Locals” (Haynes & Nancy Turkle of Groton Local, Bill & Sydney Blackwell of Harvard Local)


v      Developed a position paper on supporting local businesses.


v      Organized a “field trip” to the Groton Local Community Farm, and a local “open garden, open chicken coop” tour.


v      Several of us “marched” in Bolton’s Fourth of July parade.


v      Joined other area “Locals,” including Harvard Local and Groton Local, to share ideas and even some fun, such as the cookout at Groton Local’s Community Farm.