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Phone Book

The Bolton Phone Book is printed every two years and is mailed free of charge to over 2,000 households and businesses in Bolton. It includes a comprehensive business directory of locally based businesses in Bolton and surrounding towns including Berlin, Clinton, Harvard, Hudson, Lancaster and Stow. 

Businesses…The Bolton Phone Book provides you with an excellent form of advertising, as it will be used in every Bolton home for the next TWO YEARS, and it is also distributed to every new homeowner. In many households it has become the only phone that is used.  To get more information about advertising, contact us at or go to   

Residents of Bolton…Send in your updates for the next book.Landline? No problem! Each Bolton household and business can list its primary phone number, even if it is a cell phone or an “unlisted” number.  The Bolton Town Phone Book  is a great way for your Boltonian friends to find you. Not to worry, as resident information will not be listed on-line or shared electronically.  Adds/updates can also be sent to  (See form below for more information.)

Thank you for your support, and look for your new phone book in early June.

The Bolton Phone Book Committee

Lynn D,
Jun 2, 2013, 5:32 PM