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Garden 2011

Mission Statement

  •    To provide a place for people to grow fresh produce for their own use
  • To promote a community gathering place where people can relax and enjoy nature
  • To provide education on sustainable, organic farming
  • To increase general food security
  • To widen ecological awareness and promote protection of our natural resources
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    Great Oak Farm - Organic Seedlings for Sale
    Last year, Carla from Great Oak Farm in Berlin, provided organic seedlings for community gardeners and others.  If you would like to purchase seedlings this year, you should contact Carla directly (978-838-2097) to place your order.  Orders will be taken on a first-come first-serve basis, so items may not be available if you wait too long.  

    See the attached list with the information regarding the types of seedlings.  There are no prices, but you should expect to pay around a dollar per seedling.  

    Great Oak Farm is located on 227 Highland Street - just over the Bolton/Berlin line.  If you ever go that way, you will know her farm by the small serve-yourself stand and the beautiful horses that adorn the landscape.
    Thanks to Teresa for compiling the list of seedlings below.

    Great Oak Farm
    227 Highland Street
    Berlin, MA 01503

    Organic Seedlings available Middle to End of May 2011

    Lettuce Red Grant Rapids, Firecracker MTO Leaf, 28 days
    Lettuce Red Grant Rapids, New Red Fire Leaf, 55 days
    Lettuce Green Grand Rapids, Tropicana Leaf, 52 days
    Lettuce Green Romaine Winter Density Head, 54 days
    Lettuce Butterhead, Adriana Green Head, 48 days
    Lettuce Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix Mix, 28 days
    (Green & Red Oakleaf, Green & Red Romaine, Lollo Rossa, Redleaf)

    Cabbage Ganzales F1 Round mini, 66 days
    Cabbage Caraflex F1 Early Green Pointed mini, 68 days
    Cabbage Alcosa F1 Small crinkled leaf, 72 days
    Kale Winterbor F1 2-3', blue-green, ruffly, 60 days
    Swiss Chard Bright Lights, Mulitcolor Mixed colors, 28 days baby, 55 days bunching
    Leeks Megaton F1 90 days
    Kohlrabi Kolibri F1 Purple, 45 days
    Kohlrabi Winner F1 White, 45 days
    Brussel Sprouts Diablo F1 110 days
    Brussel Sprouts Churchill F1 90 days
    Cauliflower Snow Crown, F1 White, 50 days
    Broccoli Diplomat F1 60 days
    Broccoli Bay Meadows F1 68 days
    Cucumber Diva Specialty (seedless) Resistant to mildew/scab, 58 days
    Cucumber Harmonie, Pickling 3-5" pickling or gherkins, 47 days
    Tomato Defiant PhR (Blight resistant) F1 Beefsteak, Det, Med size, rich red, 65 days
    Tomato Daffel F1 Beefsteak, Indet, Med size, rich red, 68 days
    Tomato Pink Beauty F1 Beefsteak, Indet, Med size, pink, 74 days
    Tomato Rose (Heirloom) Beefsteak, Indet, Large, deep pink, 74 days
    Tomato Magic Mountain F1 Cherry, Indet, red, sweet, 65 days
    Tomato Sun Gold F1 Cherry, Indet, apricot color, 57 days

    Marigold Durango Outback Mix (A) Extra large blooms, 50 days
    Rudbeckia Prairie Sun (P/A) 5" blooms, Ht 28-32", green center, 120 days
    Rudbeckia Goldilocks (P/A) Double 4" blooms, Ht 24-28, 100-120 days
    Zinnias Oklahoma Formula Mix, Improved (A) Double & Semi double, Ht 30-40", 75-90 days
    Zinnias Benary's Gaint Mix (A) Double, Ht 40-50", 75-90 days
    Zinnias Zowie!, Yellow Flame (A) Semi double, Magenta and Orange, Ht 24-36"

    F1 = Hybrid
    A = Annual
    P = Perennial
    Ht = Height
    Det = Determinate: (bush) may be grown with or without support, ripens within a concentrated period of time.
    Indet = Indeterminate: (climbing) should be trellised, staked, or caged; ripens over an extended period of time

    2010 Community Gardeners - It is time to enroll for 2011.  See pamphlet and application below.  You have until the end of March to enroll for 2011.  If you are not planning to renew your plot in 2011, please let us know so that we can pass your plot along to someone on our waiting list.
    There is currently a very short waiting list for 2011.  If you would like to get on our waiting list -- don't wait - send an email to with your desire. 
    Below are some helpful links and information for all gardeners in our community (and beyond):
    Soil Test Information.  We recommend that all gardeners get their soil tested at the beginning of each growing season.  The UMass Extension will do this for you at a small cost.  Instructions and order forms can be found at this link.
    Planting calendar.  Not sure when to put your seeds in the ground or start seedlings indoors.  This link will provide you with a calendar based upon your last frost date.  Many of us use May 15 as the date in Bolton, but you can alter it slightly based upon your local microclimate.   This is what I got using May 15:

    Sow onion, celery and celeriac seeds indoors (11 weeks before last frost).

    Sow broccoli, kale, cool weather lettuce, escarole, eggplant and thyme seeds indoors (9 weeks before last frost).

    Sow pepper seeds indoors (keep temp above 78*F for germination). Also sow indoors marigold, parsley, basil and beet seeds. (8 weeks before last frost).

    Start watching the soil for the first direct planting! As soon as the soil can be worked its time to sow peas, fava beans, arugula and radish directly in the garden (up to 6 or 7 weeks before last frost). (Note: In warmer climates, where the soil doesn't freeze, this tool may not give an appropriate pea planting date. Check with local gardeners for best date.)

    Sow tomato seeds indoors. Sow cabbage seeds indoors. (6 weeks before last frost).

    Transplant lettuce, broccoli and kale seedlings into the garden (use row cover if necessary). Sow more cool-weather lettuce seed indoors. (4 weeks before last frost).

    Sow pumpkin, cucumber and zinnia seeds indoors. (3 weeks before last frost).

    Sow summer squash, watermelon and melon seeds indoors. Sow 2nd planting of peas directly in the garden. I'm going to try a 2nd tomato sowing (indoors in pots) in case the spring is very wet again. (2 weeks before last frost).

    Sow 2nd cool-weather lettuce crop, more beets, spinach indoors or in garden. (1 week before last frost).

    Sow directly in garden seeds for sunflowers, nasturtiums, carrots, parsnips. Plant potatoes, onions sets. Plant 2nd crop of radish. (Week of last frost).

    Transplant tomatoes to garden. Plant seeds for corn, beans and soy beans directly in garden. (1 week after last frost).

    Sow 3rd cool-weather lettuce crop indoors or in garden. Transplant peppers, pumpkins, squash, cucumbers and melons to the garden if the soil is well warmed. (2 weeks after last frost).

    Sow warm-weather lettuce crop (Summer Crisp type) indoors or in garden. Sow 2nd crop of beans, 3rd crop of radish in garden. (5 weeks after last frost).

    Sow 2nd warm-weather lettuce crop (Summer Crisp type) indoors or in garden (8 weeks after last frost).

    Sow 3rd warm-weather lettuce crop (Summer Crisp type) indoors or in garden. Sow 3rd crop of beans, 4th crop of radish in garden. (11 weeks after last frost).

    Here's is the recipe for a natural garden garlic spray that Lynda used last year and recommends: 
    This recipe is from the  "Carrots Love Roses..." 2004 edition, page 35. The author says that garlic sprays "are useful in controlling late blight on tomatoes and potatoes," and is an "effective destroyer of the diseases that damage stone fruits, cucumbers, radishes, spinach, beans, nuts, and tomatoes."
    Take 3 to 4 ounces of chopped garlic bulbs and soak in 2 tablespoons of mineral oil for a day. Add 1 pint of water in which 1 teaspoon of fish emulsion has been dissolved. Stir well. Strain the liquid and store in a glass container (it reacts with metals). To use, dilute using 1 part mix to 20 parts of water.
    As per Lynda...I used it last year, concentrating on tomatoes, potatoes, and beans, and the plants looked good. I didn't use it as often or as regularly as I should have though, and I'm going to try to do better this year. I should have started spraying the tomato seedlings when I put them out to harden off. I recall that they developed an issue--don't remember if it was bugs or a disease-- and it took them a while to bounce back after I planted them. (They ended up doing great though.)  Warning: this mixture stinks! But it seems to work.
    Group Seed order to Support the Bolton Community Garden
    These cold temperatures mean one thing - it is time to start planning next year's garden. 

    The Bolton Community Garden is putting together a group seed order for Fedco Seeds.  To participate, just fill out the seed order form from the Fedco catalog.  The Fedco Seed Catalog and Order Form are available at 

    Share the group savings with the Garden and subtract 10% from the total.  Make your check payable to Bolton Local and send the seed order form and check to Bolton Community Garden  c/o T M Sauer, 649 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740. 

    Orders must be received by March 1st. 
    Please include your Email address and phone number on the order form so we can contact you to arrange pick-up when the seeds arrive. 

    If you have any questions contact Teresa at or 978-634-1723.