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Thank you!

The Bolton Comunity Garden would like to sincerely thank the following businesses, groups, and individuals for their donations of time and materials...
Eugene Cristoph
(tomato seedlings)
Tom Thompson
(pallet run with his flatbed)
Dick Woolston
(brush clean-up)
Conservation Commission
(use of their trailer)
Bob Coolidge
(plowing the field)
John and Sue Zuckerman
(their CSA compost share from Chestnut Farms)
Chestnut Farms
(3 yards of Compost)
Patrick Carroll
(use of his pick up for compost run)
JoBarb Farms
(10 yards of compost)
John Balco, Dick Woolston
(compost spreading)
Tom Thompson;  Lynn, Max, and Rich Dischler 
(compost spreading)
Anonymous donor
(12 bales of hay)

Billy Vattes
(delivering the hay)

Joan Entwistle
(bags of leaves delivered)

Free Craigslist post by Wendy
(cedar stockade fence panels and posts)

Richard Sauer
(the use of his truck to get fencing)

Reg Burgess
(tilling the garden with his machine and rock picking)

Joe Donato
(10 yards of compost delivered at a very discount price)

Chris Slade
(about 2,000 pounds of lime)

Billy Vattes
(delivering the lime)
Reg Burgess
(tilling the garden and lime spreading with his machine)

Yueming Li; Laura Kischitz, Alex, and Nick; Tom Thompson;
Lynn Dischler and Max; Dick Woolston; Reg Burgess
(rock picking)
Bob Coolidge
(harrowing the field)

Reg Burgess
(tilling the garden and spreading lime and compost with his machine
at the Rock Bonanza)

Linda King; Lynn and Charlie Damitz; Yueming Li; You Tai Yin; Dominique, Matthew, John, and Tory Sexton (and John's friend); Lynn Dischler;
Dick Woolston; Reg Burgess
(rock picking at the Rock Bonanza)