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Wish List

The Bolton Community Garden needs many things to get started.  This is a Wish List if you have something that can be re-used, that would serve the same purpose, or something not on the list that could be utilized just let us know! 
Please let us know if You Can Help!  Contact Teresa to volunteer, donate or for more information at or  978-634-1723.
        (How about organizing a fundraiser?)
Metal Pipes
    (6 - 12 foot and 6 - 10 foot)
T Posts (Green Garden Posts)
    (23 - 4 foot)
Wood Poles
    (23 - 2x1', 8 foot)
Chicken Wire
    (420 feet - Coated, 1 inch mesh)
Deer Netting
    (220 feet, 7 foot)      
        (4 -3' x 8')
Post Hole Digger
Plot Markers
        (Wood, Paint) - Done! 
Compost Bin
        (10 Pallets, Wire) -  Pallets obtained!
        (Fall, Next Spring)
Rain catchment system
        (Rain Barrels, Gutters, Tarps, Rope) - Two rain barrels donated.
Raised Beds
        (Cedar Planks, 1x1's)
Stools and Chairs for seating area and Senior plot
Outdoor Table and Benches
Tent Type Awning
Bird baths
Bird houses
Truck - one available for borrowing
Trailer - one available for borrowing
Organic Compost
- 23 yards obtained!
Leaves - Many bags have arrived 
Leaf Shredder
Ground Dolomite Limestone
        (4,500 pounds) - about 2,000 pounds (perfect for this year)
Hay Bales - 12 bales donated