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Town Yard Sale

Hints for Yard Sale Success


  • Start looking for potential items NOW and put them aside; leave time for an evening or two to price them.
  • Instead of individually pricing everything, consider marking each item with a colored tag or sticker, with the color representing the price.
  • Or—organize items to be sold into boxes that you can label “Everything in this box $XX.”
  • What sells? Items that are clean, nicely displayed, in working condition and individually priced.
  • Even though the committee advertises the sale on Craigslist, individuals can also advertise (for free)—and can give details about what they’re selling. Your ad can say, “Part of Bolton’s Townwide Yard Sale,” which will help drive people to your place—and to the townwide sale.
  • Consider a “free” table later in the day for items that look unlikely to sell.
  • Don’t take the leftovers to the Transfer Station as trash! Remember—one man’s trash is another’s treasure! Go to the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle link here on the Bolton Local website for ideas about where to donate your yard sale leftovers.

Lynn Dischler,
May 22, 2012, 12:01 PM